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      1. IDC is a gem! I don’t know how you guys do it and maybe Im a bit biased, but you guys just dont put out anything other then fire. You guys never disappoint.

      1. Respect you for respecting the Most High brother I thank God for your music it has convicted me of my wrong doing and keeps me in the bible more than before.

  1. Its Fire but the Quality of the song 3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,7 are terrible up better quality , please.

    Song 1 ,2 ARE REALY GOOD SOUND .

    please give better quality sound to us thanks.

  2. So you got a Radio now, We gonna, try to expand this Radio to actual FM stations…I would love to help try to get the radio in Youngstown Ohio Area, pretty close to that Train Derailment

    FM Radio is still #1 for discovery of new songs!

  3. Y’all have so much range and talent, this is by far the best thing out right now. Amazing, writing up an article on it that will appear on our christian magazine united love society

  4. California has enough problems with fires without ya’ll adding more flames. I guess it can slide though since they’re the holy variety!

  5. You guys never disappoint! Just truth and fire on every track. That IDC song is so needed. So refreshing to hear somebody say it! I dknt care either Bryson and Tyson! ALLCCG every day all day!

  6. YOO!!!! IDC is my favorite song on this album!! When is the music video?? Keep pumping out the bangers and speaking the Bible and truth!

  7. As a young men, these tracks are very toxic, it’s battling my weak thoughts.
    God is good, waking us up and that one day we have the biggest feast in heaven.
    Blessings to you soldiers

  8. To Tyson James: Strong man is great, Watch John Doyle’s video about Beauty and the Beast, Its great and I think if you never heard of him you will enjoy his videos

  9. I’ve been listening to this Album on repeat all day to conclude my top songs I really like All Of Them
    That Homemakers track when Tyson James start roasting the old me though definitely had me laughing. I Thank God for giving me the oppurtunity to come clean. It feels amazing to not be a part of this world when we have God next to us. Everything about this movement is heat. I love all of you. Thank you!

  10. First off, God is Great all of the time!
    Love you guys! Music is Awesome! Videos are Amazing!
    Please Please give us a way to download for offline use. I’m not always able to access the internet and I don’t have a smart phone.

  11. Hey Tyson,
    Can I request a video for No Fear Upon Me?
    I Love your art (Carpentry) as well as flow.

    Hey Bryson,
    Keep the same energy.
    These uncircumcised pagans will hear the True Believers voices before The Return of Messiah

    May God continue to Bless those who submits to his Word (Yeshua Messiah). AMEN


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